The Power of Positive Thinking


This book was given to me on my 28th Birthday with a journal. None the less it took me four months to pick up this book because I thought it was like another “Think and Grow Rich” book by Napolean Hill or “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I was right. Although I was right the different element of this book drew me in, Faith. It is more faith based. I felt that the principles outlined in this book told in anecdotes and from the bible perspective led me to choose to focus on the positive of EVERY situation. Mostly the bad and mundane ones. This by far isn’t easy to do but it is very rewarding. It’s simply making a conscious choice to be happy vs to be miserable.┬áIt has truly helped me to improve my ability to change my thoughts, to activate never before elements of my faith and to be more consistent in my prayer life. It to me is the power of Oneness.