In The Mist of Transformation


Jae Scott


No matter what it looks like don’t forget your strength when the going gets rough. It’s not easy because nobody likes the dirty muck. To be a true valor of life we must put aside our pride and dig deep to gain the benefits of that rough that unleashes in our destiny. The most precious things are molded and shaped in dark places. The rough! In the rough the diamond is not recognized. It went through a transformation process before it shined. The rough is not pretty nor glamorous. It does however build character, teach us lessons, gives us wisdom an equips us with tools that are needed as we evolve in phases. It makes us stronger and it adds to our story.

Things are going to happen but we have to make the conscious choice to rise above and not let it keep us down. We must keep our vision sharp and in front of us. Constantly believing it, Imagining it, speaking it, feeling it, breathing it, strategizing and working towards it for our future. People may think you are crazy at first but who cares because only God can give us individually the vision and the permission to be. It never gets easy. As the saying goes new heights equals new devils. We get blinded by the smoke and let fear creep in attacking our state of belief. I can tell you first hand because it happened to me.

One thing I know is that through it all God has continued to provide, protect and guide me. I had to remember that no matter what it looks like that I must trust in my path and believe in my future. I know that no weapon formed against me shall prosper for I have comfort in knowing that I am always accompanied by the king. We may lose our footing but still smile ahead and be confident knowing these things. We are all human. So from one dreamer to another know that you are not alone. I support you…don’t give up yet. Keep pursuing your dreams. -J.ScottĀ #Testimony #OneLove

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