Where would this Passion To Purpose tour be without our Venue Sponsors???

Can I  tell you all something? This Passion to Purpose Tour 2016 was something God put on my heart to bring into existence. This is something that some of us have experienced, something that some of us is currently experiencing and something that some of us simply is just trying to figure out. I wanted give you all something that was not totally given to me and that’s the true process. The real of what it takes before the glitz and the glam. Now it is nothing but God that is allowing me to produce this free event for the two cities that played a major part in the shaping of the woman you see today.

As most people we second guess what we heard but when things seem to fall in place within less than a two month time span you just know it is his will. I am not perfect and neither are my fellow industry friends but we decided to come together on a unified platform to share our truths, our experience and have a real heart to heart conversation with you guys. This platform would not have been possible without our venue sponsors; The Loft At 600 F in Washington, DC, The University of Louisville Pan African Studies Department and Sole Savers. From my heart to yours I greatly appreciate you joining this life changing tour.


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