Meet the Humble and Beautiful Spirit, Preshona Ghose- Virtual Panelist P2PDC

Preshona Ghose

You can catch Preshona taking over our Youtube Channel, Instagram and Twitter this week with a few other movers and shakers. She will share with you all her journey of going after what her dreams and how her Passion and Purpose connected. Super blessed to know this beautiful soul.

Preshona Ambrita Ghose is an educator, writer, and artivist.  Preshona moved to Baltimore, Maryland when she was four years old in 1986 from Kolkata, West Bengal.  Growing up in a low-income neighborhood in Baltimore, she came to understand have versus have-not economics from a young age.  Then, moving to the Bay Area, California as a teenager, she began to then see in color, her own color, for the first time. Life became a journey of finding her life-long passion for art and community with her evolved understanding of being a brown-skinned being in this world.

She co-founded the One Love Movement [One Love=True Change] in 2011 with youth workers from the east and west coast, to bring awareness to and within communities of color of our true history and responsibility to one another.  The movement expanded to a non-profit sector in 2014, and embraces wholistic consciousness family events, programming, and now a homeschool program for 3rd to 8th graders, entitled “I Am Sun”.   Through theatre, dance, and music, Preshona is now currently seeking to balance all of the creative energies she had mistakenly buried throughout her commitment to community work.

Youtube and Instagram: @PassionToPurpose

Twitter: @P2PLIFE

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